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New Etsy Items!

I sold my 50th item from my Etsy shop the other day!  I’m pretty happy with that seeing as it’s only been open for almost 3 months and I have been really only selling one style of shirt.  I get a few sales on the other two but most of them have been for my… Continue reading New Etsy Items!

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One Day I Will Be A Blogging Queen

I just can’t seem to get the hang of this whole blogging thing.  I’m really good about updating for a few weeks or maybe a month and then I just stop because I’m not motivated or I hit crafters block.  What ya gonna do?  I was on vacation down in Alabama visiting my parents for… Continue reading One Day I Will Be A Blogging Queen

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New Shop Items

Just a little post to show off some of the new items in my Etsy shop, Old Timey Wimey Stuff. First is a Doctor Who quote t-shirt which I can actually customize for any movie, tv show, book, whatever.  It’s done with bleached writing on a black t-shirt.   Second is a similar idea but… Continue reading New Shop Items