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Drive By Posting

What’s this?  Two blog posts in one week.  Madness I tell you!  Oh yeah, my blog is all about madness.   Any hoo, I have a quick little post to show off the pretty Spring themed cupcakes I made the other day.  I wanted cupcakes but didn’t feel like making them from scratch this time so I bought some white cake mix, white frosting and neon gel food coloring.  In no time at all I had bright beautiful cupcakes.  Taste really good too.

They are a bit brighter in person.
They are a bit brighter in person.


The photo isn’t the best but it was an impromptu session with my phone.  This is also cause for celebration because it’s probably the first time my frosting looks fancy.  My frosting skills are improving and one day I hope to be a frosting ninja.

The cupcakes themselves were easy.  Make the batter as it  says on the box.  Divide it into as many portions as colors you want, I had four.  Add food coloring, mix and bake as normal.  The frosting is also pretty easy.  Divide the same way and add food coloring. Then follow this great tutorial like I did.  Easy peasy and you have pretty cupcakes.  Of course now I’ll eat them all.  I forgot I was the only one around for the next few weeks so it’s good I love to eat these delicious little baked goods.



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