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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year: Halloween

Not sure if anyone noticed but I’ve been absent for quite some time.  In all honesty I sort of fell out of love with this blog.  I put too much pressure on myself and felt that I needed to always be posting something and being constantly crafty and unique.  I’ve realized that I can’t be… Continue reading The Most Wonderful Time of the Year: Halloween

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Home again and Fandom Frenzy

Wow, the last few weeks sure have flown by.  Of course I was down south visiting the parents which was lovely and relaxing and warm.  Last week was crazy busy with cleaning and grocery shopping and general errands along with work.  My poor kitty also had to take a trip to the vet.  Apparently I… Continue reading Home again and Fandom Frenzy

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A bit of a hodge podge

This post is a bit of a potpourri.  I have a number of little things to show you and talk about. First, Christmas decorations.  I love decorations this time of year because I love the Christmas lights.  It’s like having glitter everywhere and they seem to make everything warm and welcoming. These were sort of… Continue reading A bit of a hodge podge