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Forgotten Christmas Post

I was just uploading some of my knitting photos that I finally got around to taking and discovered I never posted about the Christmas presents that I made for my co-worker and bosses.  Here I had thought I hadn’t been very crafty other then knitting.  Wrong! My co-worker and friend/work-wife Kari and I are both… Continue reading Forgotten Christmas Post

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Entered The World Of Etsy Store Ownership

Yep, that’s right, I’ve opened a store on Etsy.  I’ve been mulling it over for quite some time and kept putting it off and putting it off.  I’m the type that wants to make things and sell them and be crafty and give my crafty goodness to the world but like most artistic people I… Continue reading Entered The World Of Etsy Store Ownership

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A bit of a hodge podge

This post is a bit of a potpourri.  I have a number of little things to show you and talk about. First, Christmas decorations.  I love decorations this time of year because I love the Christmas lights.  It’s like having glitter everywhere and they seem to make everything warm and welcoming. These were sort of… Continue reading A bit of a hodge podge

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Challenge Day 9. Also, books.

Day 9 and the theme is Someone You Love. I cheated a bit on this one because I didn’t take it.  That’s my mom and me as a baby.  So this photo is probably about 30 years old but I love my mom to death and she hates getting her picture taken (hmm, so that’s… Continue reading Challenge Day 9. Also, books.