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I’m A Knitting Fool

Over the past few weeks I’ve been knitting like crazy.  I suddenly got the urge again to make warm fuzzy things.  Must be the winter weather.  I’ve finished a shrug and made two hats in the period of about 3 weeks.  I do have a post to make to showcase these items but still have to get pictures.  I’ve been working overtime the past week and haven’t had a moment to pull out the camera.  In the meantime I leave you with my current project.

Ever since I started to learn how to knit I’ve known that I wanted to make this sweater: Owls.

Owls by wazz
Owls by wazz on Flickr.


I decided that I was confident enough to give it a go and bought some lovely tweed yarn from Knitpicks.

In person the yarn is a bit more turquoise and not quite as blue.
In person the yarn is a bit more turquoise and not quite as blue.


Of course I misread something in the pattern description or mixed it up with another pattern and the yarn I bought was the wrong weight.  It’s worsted weight and the pattern calls for bulky/chunky weight.  No bother, I just decided to double up and buy more yarn.


Sorry the picture isn’t the greatest, like I said, haven’t had time to take the real camera out so I only had time for a quick phone camera shot.

I’m actually a bit further then this picture.  I’m about half way done withe the body of the sweater, finished the back decrease and working on the increase now.  I would normally be able to finish it this weekend but I’m still waiting on the rest of the yarn so probably won’t finish until the next weekend.  Oh well.  It’s been a pretty easy knit so far but I’m not at the yoke or putting it all together yet so only time will tell.

I’ll be back soon with some photos of those items I’ve already finished and an update on the sweater.



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