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A Short, Sweet and Somewhat Silly Post

As some of you might remember, I have a degree in history and one of the things I love is looking at old photographs.  I love images and am a very visual person so I incorporate the history buff into that by finding buff history.  I know, that was terrible but I couldn’t resist.  Quite some time back I came across a photo of Robert Cornelius.  He was a chemist and a pioneer in photography.  At the time it was thought that it would be too hard to take a photograph of humans because it would be difficult to stand still that long.  He used his chemistry knowledge and took what is probably one of the first photos of a human.  He took a self portrait and let me tell you, Mr. Darcy did exist.  Of course years after Jane Austen but Cornelius is exactly what I think of when I think of Darcy.  See, told you silly stuff.

Of course, I find him interesting not because he’s good-looking (doesn’t hurt though) but because of his knowledge and photography skills.

I also found this wonderful picture when I was traveling the vast land that is the internet.  It was taken during the Civil War.



Well of course we know there is a war going on but we need to take a break and pose for this catalog.  Isn’t that what everyone does during war time?  Oh, these two?  They like to lean nonchalantly while I check my correspondence.  They are my GQ bodyguards.

And lastly, I have a love for the old west and cowboys and this is one cowboy I could have fallen for.  Of course, for all I know he was an outlaw or abuser but he looks pretty nice in this photo.


Like I said a short post for today and pretty pointless in the grand scheme of things but sometimes it’s nice to take a break from the normal and just look at pretty men.


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