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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year: Halloween

Not sure if anyone noticed but I’ve been absent for quite some time.  In all honesty I sort of fell out of love with this blog.  I put too much pressure on myself and felt that I needed to always be posting something and being constantly crafty and unique.  I’ve realized that I can’t be that way.  I work a regular job and also have low funds which doesn’t always mean time or money for creative adventures.  I need to accept that and allow myself to post when ever I have something to say and not to worry if I don’t.  With that said, we are coming up on my favorite holiday, Halloween!  Any excuse to dress in a costume is fine by me.  One thing I have done recently in honor of the holiday is make a new display.  It’s so fun and so me that I’ve decided it’s just going to stay up all year long.

Here is how the whole thing looks. A lot of black and purple which is a great color combo.

It started with a few items.  I already had the little purple frames with images by a great artist, Abigail Larson.  Go check out her site, it’s wonderful!  I had the cup with the silhouette on it.  It’s included in the macabre collection because the silhouette turns to a skeleton when hot.

She looks all innocent until you burn her.

I also had the frame with my cat picture but it was just a simple metal frame at the time.  That’s how it began.  I kept looking at it thinking that it was boring and needed more color and creepiness, because well, what doesn’t?  So out came the scrapbook papers and do dads and off we went.

The finished frame with my beautiful smushy cat.

A few days later I happened upon some great stickers at Micheal’s craft store and knew right away what I would do with them.

Sticker fun!

I decided to spray paint some bottles and little box that I already had a flat black color and label them with the stickers.

Bat Wings, yum!

The sticker is pealing off of the box so I do need to glue that down and they all needed a dab of glue because of the curve of the bottles. The little broom is actually a pen and the little bottles with the worn labels I had made for a Harry Potter thing. They fit right in.

The large framed photo in the back is a lenticular image that changes from a Victorian type photo to a skeleton depending on where you stand.  The candle I just bought from Black Phoenix Trading Post and it smells like an old library, books, coffee and little a bit of whiskey thrown in.  Love, love, love it!

Sir, your eyeball is showing.

Lastly is a paper rose that my friend makes and sells in her Etsy store, Diddlebug.  I was lucky enough to be given this one and it’s made from pages of Pride and Prejudice.  Not only is that one of my favorite books but I also just had the wonderful chance to play Elizabeth Bennet in our community theater’s production of the play.

Can you tell what passage it’s from?

It’s nice to be back in my little bloggy home.  I’m going to try and not stress out about it any longer and I hope you enjoy what I bring.


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