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Adventures in Treasure Hunting

Arrr matey, it’s been a few weeks since my last post and I’m putting all the blame on the heat.  It’s been so hot here in Michigan, as it has been in much of the country, that I haven’t been doing a lot.  It was too hot to do a painting project and too hot to go anywhere so I’ve been sitting here thinking about crafts and adventures and not having a lick to write about.

Even though it was still insanely hot I did venture out last weekend for a bit and went geocaching with my dear friend Kari and her little boy.  That’s where the treasure hunting comes in.  If you don’t know, geocaching is like treasure hunting just without pirates and gold and jewels (not that real pirates ever really found gold and jewels).  People get containers, any size, shape color, whatever as long as it can hold something and they hide it.  Usually these containers hold paper or a little notebook and sometimes little treasures.  They then put the co-ordinates and maybe a clue on a website or mobile app and others go looking for them.  When you find a geocache, you record that you were there and if you take a treasure you must leave one in return.  The most popular site is There is also an app for your phone that comes in handy when looking for the treasure.

We found 3 spots on our outing and a lot of clam shells while wandering around the river.  One of the caches that we found was really clever.  There was a feather sticking out of the shore with a wire attached to it and out in the river was a box with weeds covering it.  You had to pull the wire to bring it in.  Very tricky.  Of course there were a few that we didn’t find because we weren’t dressed for the dirt and I refuse to get close to anything that might be infested with creepy crawlies.

Our fist stop was the dam/waterfall that is in town.  We couldn’t find the treasure but we spent a lot of time looking for shells and getting squirted with water by the clams.  The water was really low from the lack of rain so we found a lot of giant clam shells.

Looking at clams
Big ol’ shell
Some kids deciding to go swimming. The water isn’t deep at all out there.


We then worked our way to a local park where the ducks and geese flock.  There were a lot of fuzzy baby geese.  This is where we found two of our treasures.

Back up fellas, we don’t have any bread.

Some of these geese seriously had attitude.  It was as if they were saying, what are you doing in our territory?  You can’t come here without food.  Don’t come back unless you have something for us!

The treasure tree. Found one treasure in a hole in the tree trunk.
This was at another park and we weren’t sure why there was a bear on a post. We didn’t see any other animals painted anywhere.
Wonderfully dried and shaded leaves. Love how the color has been sucked out.
Lastly, a thistle. I have a soft spot for thistles and it’s usually part of my user name for online communities and such.


Geocaching is really a fun activity that you can do with the whole family.  The best part is you can do it anywhere and it costs nothing!




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