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Mini Worn Photo Background

I have a simple little project for you today.  I was looking at the craft stuff at Walmart today for little odds and ends and happened upon all these wooden shapes and found one that was simply called a canvas panel.  It’s basically a wooden canvas.  As soon as I saw it I thought it would be perfect to make a background for little projects like jewelry.  It cost about 3 dollars and it’s 10 inches x 10 inches in size.  I went straight home and pulled out some craft paint and went to work.

As you can see, very simple supplies.  The wooden canvas, two paint brushes and some acrylic craft paint.  I went with a turquoise blue and white because I want to give it a bit of a worn look.

The first step is easy, paint the canvas with your base color.  That would be the blue in my case.

Then it’s time to age it a bit.  I poured a bit of the white onto a pallet and added a few drops of water and just the tiniest bit of the blue color because I didn’t want it to be pure bright white.

The one on the left is the water/paint mixture


I then dabbed just the very tip of the little paint brush into the paint and then dabbed quite a bit of it off.  The key is to have very very little paint on the brush.

You can see there is hardly any paint on there.  After you get the excess off you simply swipe and pounce the brush all over the canvas.  I used a cloth to wipe excess paint off of the canvas too so that it wouldn’t look too perfect.  If you have spots that are too bright or just don’t like the way they look, you can go over them with a bit of water and use the cloth to wipe them.  Just keep playing around until you get the look you want.



This is the finished product.  After thinking on it I think I might go over a few spots lightly with some sandpaper and maybe hit it a bit with some nails or something metal to beat it up a bit.  Still looks a little to pristine.

Like I said, really simple and takes maybe 20 minutes including the dry time.  Here is a little photo using it as a background for some of my jewelry.


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