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Still Making Homemade Gifts For Mom

This is a bit late but I completely forgot to show you all what I made my mother for Mother’s Day.  I’m still giving her homemade gifts even at 32.  It was actually a joint birthday/mother’s day gift because they fell in the same week.  I had been completely at a loss trying to figure out what I was going to get her and realized that we have all these photos of her when she was a little girl with her parents but none of them are on display.  I headed over to the wonderful scrapbooking site, Two Peas in a Bucket and found the perfect digital kit and template.  I decided to make a scrapbook page and then frame it so she could display it in the house.

I used the Poised digital scrapbook kit and the Holey Moley 12×12 template kit to make my page.

Such a pretty kit!


I used the template on the top left.


I then proceeded to combine the template, digital elements and two of my mom’s photos to create this:


I simply printed it out and placed it in a frame and had my mother in tears (good tears not bad ones).

Sorry, the light wouldn’t cooperate with me.

She really liked it and I’m going to print out a copy for myself because I love both of those pictures and I miss my grandparents very much so it’s nice to see them every day.  It’s always great to see how such simple and easy things can mean so much.


I also made her a birthday card with this kit here, Journey Back.  I had a bit of a theme going on.



2 thoughts on “Still Making Homemade Gifts For Mom

  1. This is really beautiful – I’m not surprised she cried! I’m close to tears myself – so sweet. 🙂

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