Take Time for Pretty Hair

I’ve almost always had long hair.  The few times in my life that I lost my mind and cut it all off, I immediately wanted it long again.  My problem is that, while I love my long hair, I never do anything with it.  I wash it, air dry it and that’s it.  It’s always just there and I’ve decided that I need to pretty it up more.  So of course I headed to Pinterest and started looking at fun styles I could conceivably do myself.  Make way for pretty hair.


This one is so pretty and romantic.  I did wear my hair like this quite a bit at one time.  The film version of Little Women, my favorite book, had just come out and I had visions that I was Jo March.


I love the side braid here.  It gives the rest of the hair a mohawk look that is tough but girly.  I probably wouldn’t do the little rings, too much work for one person.


Pretty dress up hair right here.  It’s kind of like a reverse Heidi braid.


I love the soft sort of messy look to this one.  It’s just a bunch of simple twists but yet it looks complicated at the same time.


And lastly, you too can do the Lady Gaga hair bow look without being to outrageous.  Not completely sure how this one is created but I haven’t looked at it that long or hard.


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