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Make a Custom Phone Case, Non iPhone

There are many tutorials online on how to make a custom iPhone case but not many on other phone cases.  The iPhone tends to be a bit easier because it is a flat phone and the case is easy to trace around and people tend to use fun scrapbook papers to customize.  I have a ZTE Warp which has curved edges and I like to use Photoshop to customize my phone case.

The biggest part is making a template in Photoshop.

The first step is to measure your phone.  The Warp is 3.5 inches wide and almost 7 inches long.  Then you want to open a new document in Photoshop.  I chose an 8×10 size because it is easier for me to picture it on a sheet of paper.  That’s just me, you don’t need something that big.


Then you want to choose the rounded rectangle shape tool.


Make sure that the rulers are visible in your document.  I set my curve to 20 pixels.  This seems to be pretty general for phones but you may have to print a few test pages to make sure.  Starting at 1 inch on both sides create a shape in the size you measured your phone.



Right click the shape layer in your layer menu and choose Blending Options.  Change the Opacity to 0%.



Open the image you want to use for your cover and copy/paste it onto your template document.  The shape will show over the image.



I chose a Game of Thrones image partly because I’m all about that show right now if you can’t already tell from my computer background.  You of course can pick what ever your heart desires.  If your phone has a camera or speaker on the back you will be cutting some holes out of the image so if you care about not cutting any of that out don’t use something with a lot of text or the main part of the image around the edges.

You then want to use the selection tool to size the image into the shape outline.


I dropped the opacity just so you could see the image fits inside the shape now.  Of course using a square image in a curved shape will mean the corners get cut off.

The last thing you want to do is click on the shape layer in the layer list. Then click on Paths.  Right click the shape path and choose Stroke Path.  You’ll want to pick a stroke color that contrasts with your image unless you can see the black because this will be your outline to cut it out after you print it.


Now you print your image and cut it out around the template line.

Time for the easy part.

Here is my phone and the case I use.  It’s just a basic clear plastic case I bought off of Ebay.


Place your image picture side down and the back part of the case on top of it.


Trace the outlines of the camera and speaker holes.


I use an Exacto knife to cut the holes out.


Here is the image all cut out and ready to be put in the case.


And here it is all finished and in the case.



Now you too can have any phone case you want!  Please let me know if anything is unclear.  I’m not always the best at tutorials because I have a habit of thinking certain things are clear or common knowledge so don’t be afraid to ask anything even if you think it’s obvious.

Let me know if anyone tries this out and I would love to see pictures!


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