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A Little Food Post

Wow, life has gotten away from me this week.  I haven’t accomplished any of the things I meant to and in turn don’t have much to post about.  It happens, right?  I do have a little recipe to link you to that I tried a while back and love!  As you may know, I’m a big fan of Game of Thrones, both the books and the tv show.  I also have a degree in history and love the Medieval time period.  A while ago I happened upon a site devoted to the foods described in The Game of Thrones and creating these foods using medieval and modern recipes.  The site, Inn At The Crossroads posted a recipe for fig tarts and I thought they sounded delicious and looked easy enough so I bookmarked the page and promptly forgot about it, lol. I do that a lot with things and it takes me a while to get back to them.  So many ideas (books, movies, shows, etc), not enough time.

A few weeks after that, while cleaning out my bookmarks, I read the recipe again and thought they would be good with some added ingredients.  I like to make bruschetta with fig, prosciutto, and mascarpone cheese so of course I thought these tarts would be super tasty with those things added to them.

The recipe for the tarts is here: Medieval Fig Tarts.  The filling was very easy and straightforward.  Don’t be scared by the fact that it’s a medieval recipe.

The recipe calls for making your own dough but I got creative and used some Pepperidge Farms Puff Pastry Shells.  They come in a box of 6 and you just bake them, pop the top off, and add the filling.  After baking the shells and adding the fig filling from the recipe I placed the top back on the shell and smothered the pastry in mascarpone cheese.  While the shells were baking I  tore up the prosciutto into small pieces and fried it like bacon to make it crispy.  I added that to the top of the cheese and the tarts were done.

They are very flaky so don’t freak out when they get messy.  I also kept the cheese and prosciutto pieces close by because I like a lot on my tarts and you may need to add more as you eat them.  Can’t ever have enough cheese and salty fried pig, right?



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