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Spring Was Here For A Second and A Recipe

What wacky weather we are having these days.  Here in Michigan we had a very mild winter.  I work at a college and we had no snow days this year compared to last year with three.  The other day I was outside playing with the cat and noticed that spring had decided to show up but it seems like only for a bit.  The weather report says it’s getting cold again.  Make up your mind Mother Nature!

Here are a few photos I took:


The one lonely flower.
Playing with acorns and watching them roll down the driveway.


Looking up into the trees.

Must have your camera!


The cat also decided he needed a new royal portrait taken. Ha!


Surveying my land.

With the weather being so nice I decided to make a summery salad.  It was inspired by the Berry Chicken salad that was at Wendy’s last summer.



Strawberries, Raspberries, Blue Berries, Black Berries


Asiago Cheese

Almond Slivers

Raspberry Vinegrette dressing

Mix them all together and taste the deliciousness!


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