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Colorful Keyboard Update

A while ago I posted about my washi tape computer keyboard decoration and it’s been a pretty popular post. I thought it was time to do a little update on how the washi tape is holding up and what it looks like now. Turns out this look does get some wear on it and does start to look a bit dingy. It makes sense and I’m not entirely surprised but I am shocked at how long it has last.



As you can see from the photos above a few of the stickers have come off. They began to slide off the keys due to the heat of the computer… I think. The letters that get used the most often have begun to fade and the print is wearing away. Also, the stickers that I didn’t fit perfectly have begun to curl on the edges that overhang. Most of the keys actually still look really nice and at this point it would be easiest to simply fix the crummy stickers and leave the rest. Of course this would also be the perfect opportunity to redo the whole thing in a new theme.

So now you know, if you do this project you will have to redo it eventually or simply take it off all together.


3 thoughts on “Colorful Keyboard Update

    1. I think either of those ideas would work if you want a more permanent solution. I’m too wishy washy to stick with one thing so while it doesn’t last as long, I like that I can change the washi tape easily.

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