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Knitting Adventures

This past Christmas my mom gave me a few knitting books, one of which was Vampire Knits.  I’m a big fan of vampire mythology.  Not so much the Twilight kind, even though there is nothing wrong with Twilight but the Dracula, ancient, mean kind.  The book has so many cute and fun things to knit and for my first project I decided on the Wolf Hat.  I know, nothing to do with vampires but ware wolves tend to be connected to vampires in a lot of stories and myths so it all comes together in the end.

I used a chunkier knit than what was used in the book version partly because they no longer make the yarn in the book.  I ended up doubling up on Sensations Angel Hair from Jo Ann Fabrics.  It’s a really soft and fuzzy yarn and I think it’s going to be very warm when I finally get a chance to wear it which probably won’t be until next winter.  I think it turned out really cute and it’s fun while not being too out there.

My next project is going to be something from French Girl Knits.  It’s a pretty, light weight, soft shrug in purple.  It uses lace weight yarn which I have never used before and uses a different cast on than I am used to so I am having a slow time starting but I think it’s going to be lovely when I’m done.  I’ll keep you updated on how that one is going.


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