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Hunger Games fashion

I, like many of you, am a big fan of the book series, The Hunger Games and am awaiting the film adaptation of the first book.  I’ll be seeing it opening day and the next day actually (I have two invites and who am I to turn them down).  Last night I was a bit bored and as I was looking at some fashion blogs I came up with my version of the ‘Girl on Fire’ dress.  It’s one of the dresses that Katniss wears to display herself as tribute.  In the book it’s described as orange and yellow and white and gold with sparkling jewels.  I have to say, from what I’ve seen in the trailer, I am quite disappointed in the film version of this dress.  Now the looks I came up with aren’t exactly like the book describes but I feel they better represent the idea of the dress.

Of course I could never afford any of these dresses.  The shoes are Louboutin, the top left dress is Marchesa, and the other two are Zuhair Murad.  All couture, all expensive.  I thought the shoes looked like white-hot flames and the middle and bottom dress had the sparkle and movement, while the top dress looked like flames dancing over her body.

I’ll leave you with the single from the soundtrack, Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars.

I hope you all enjoy the movie and may the odds be ever in your favor!


PS. I’m about to head out for the movie and I went full geek and am wearing my version of Katniss’s District 12 attire.

Quick shot!

Not sure why I’m smirking.  I must know something juicy.



4 thoughts on “Hunger Games fashion

    1. I honestly don’t remember the exact site I found it on. The dress is actually white with gold and orange beads on it, I tinted it a little to go with the fire theme. I usually just search for specific collections like fall 2012 and the like. I save a lot on my computer.

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