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Wacky/Wonderful Wednesday

I haven’t done one of these in a while and I have a wonderful topic today.  No heat curls!  I know, exciting right?  The other day I was sucked into the black hole that is Pinterest and came across a tutorial on curling your hair without heat.  I hate using curling irons because I have a lot of hair.  It’s long and thick and takes for ever to use an iron.  Sometimes I braid my hair and sleep with it but the ends tend to look bad and other times I’ve pin curled it but it gets a bit crazy in the morning and the curls are insane.  Also, heat is bad for your hair if you use it too much.  Thus, no heat curls that give nice loose waves instead of crazy clown curls.

The tutorial comes to us from Chelsey at The Paper Mama.  The tutorial shows us how to use a simple stretchy headband to put curls in your hair over night.  It’s so easy and her video is extremely clear and I had no problem understanding what I was supposed to do.  Please go check it out and see how amazing your hair can be.

When I tried it myself I didn’t intend on posting about it or taking pictures of it but I did take a few with my phone to show a friend and I liked the outcome so much that I changed my mind on posting.

Here is how it looks in the headband, (please excuse the bad phone photography)

I've gone back to the middle ages!

Funny enough I like this as an updo for the weekend or something.  I’ve always wanted to be a Medieval princess.

Here is the result.  Yes, I took this after I woke up and had puffy eyes.

Voila, curls!


4 thoughts on “Wacky/Wonderful Wednesday

  1. AWESOME- I’m TOTALLY gonna try that- I usually do two buns stacked on top of each other, straight out of the shower and into bed- a bit of product in the am and good to go!

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