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How to Doctor Who… Necklace

Today I have a tutorial on how to make a cute little Doctor Who necklace (or any subject you like).  Often when I go to craft stores like Hobby Lobby or Micheal’s I always have to check out the jewelry making supplies they have and they have really started to sell some cute stuff.  I kept seeing all these great mixed media type ornaments including all these empty pendants that remind me of shadow boxes.  I had seen the resin type stuff that you usually use on the pendants to seal in the images or objects and would look like a bubble and as I was looking for the product in Hobby Lobby I happened upon something by Mod Podge called Dimensional Magic.  It was the same idea but would give many more uses and you don’t need to mix anything.  It’s one tube and that’s it, just squeeze.

I decided on Doctor Who as the subject not only because I’m a nerd for that show but because I had a cute iPod wallpaper that I wanted to use.

Here are the supplies I used.  Pretty simple.

  1. Mod Podge: Dimensional Magic
  2. Tattered Angels, Glimmer Glaze
  3. Numbered metal charms
  4.  Shadow box pendant
  5. Necklace chain
  6. Image to be used.


The steps are really simple as well.

First I print out the image I want.  The pendant I bought had the measurements printed on the package.  If yours doesn’t, measure the pendant and size your image in Photoshop or any other photo editing program.  Remember to adjust the resolution.  That’s one thing I always forget and my images don’t always print out correctly because of it.  I used a matte photo paper to give it a bit of structure.

I then brushed a little of the Glimmer Glaze on the light parts of the image just to give it a bit of a sheen.  Let that dry and then it’s time to glue the charm onto the image.  I used a number 7 because the Doctor talks about happy prime numbers in one of the episodes and 7 just made sense because of this.  You can use any charm that goes with your image and fits.  I didn’t have any super glue in the house but I did have nail glue and that worked just fine.  Any dab of adhesive will work.  You just want something so the charm doesn’t move while adding the Mod Podge.

Put the glued charm and image into the pendant and squeeze in the Dimensional Magic liquid.  Add it slowly so that you don’t get any bubbles.  If you do get bubbles just use a pin to pop them.  Number four up there shows what it looks like from the edge.  You can see that the level is a bit above the pendant but it will dry about level with it.  You can also see that it’s cloudy while wet.

Let it dry for at least 3 hours before really handling it.  I let dry over night, almost 24 hours before I put the chain on it.  Once it’s totally dry it is hard and clear.  Like so:

I added a little white ribbon bow to the loop at the top just to give it a little something girly.  You can really do what ever your mind thinks of.  I plan on buying some more of these sorts of pendants and making more necklaces.  I already have some ideas in mind.



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