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Home again and Fandom Frenzy

Wow, the last few weeks sure have flown by.  Of course I was down south visiting the parents which was lovely and relaxing and warm.  Last week was crazy busy with cleaning and grocery shopping and general errands along with work.  My poor kitty also had to take a trip to the vet.  Apparently I have a stressed cat.  His eye was pink and swollen because of anxiety which would be caused by my being gone for a week.  Poor thing, I make my cat anxious and now it’s storming as I write this and he hates thunder so he’s worked up.

I did take some pictures of the beach once the weather was sunny enough to go down there.  Behold, lovely sand, water, and shells.

I admit, these were posted from Instagram but I also admit that sometimes I’m lazy and didn’t feel like uploading from my actual camera.

I’ve also gone all crazy with the fandom stuff lately.  The Hunger Games movie comes out soon and if you go to the movie website you can get a District ID and then you can get merchandise with your ID info on it.  I got put in District 12 as a coal miner (yup, go Katniss!) and decided to get the water bottle.  It’s a nice metal bottle.

I also purchased a very cute Doctor Who t-shirt.  It came in the mail today so I haven’t had a chance to take a picture of it on but this is the one I got, Doctor Hoo.  It’s all the doctors as owls.  Fun, right?


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