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Inspired clothing

Wow!  I haven’t posted anything in quite some time.  Sorry for that.  I’m visiting my parents down south next week and I’ve been cleaning house, laundry, all that fun stuff and haven’t had a lot of craft time.  Also, funds for purchasing supplies for said craftiness is a bit low due to the trip coming up.  Can’t wait to get to the beach!

So, last week was New York Fashion Week and while I love fashion I don’t usually pay too much attention to fashion weeks (there are many of them).  I usually check out some fashion sites to see a quick look at the collections and long for the day when I can afford the beautiful clothes.  Many designers get inspired by my favorite things like history or fantasy or television but two collections this season were inspired by two of my very favorite shows.  One show I wasn’t surprised as to the shout out but the other one was quite interesting.

Helmut Lang designed a collection inspired by the show Game of Thrones and it had a lot of gorgeous looks. Most of them were completely wearable but had that great winter look of Winterfell or the leather of the Dothraki.

Love this coat!


Then there was Ralph Lauren who used the lovely show Downton Abbey as their inspiration.  The clothing on the show is to die for and the Lauren collection was just as beautiful.

Now who is going to buy me that red suit?

I was also inspired by Downton Abbey for work today.  I own a lace blouse from the early 1900’s and I never know how to wear it so while I was looking at these photos an outfit popped in my head and I got all English Manor House.

You can see the lace on the sleeves in this one.

I realized when I went to take these photos that I do not have a good full length mirror or any where to set up a full length self-portrait.  Oh well. Ta ta for now.


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