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A Pseudo Wednesday Post

I had every intention to write a lovely post about all the wonderful Golden Globes fashion because like anything creative and sparkly, I love clothes but this week has been killer at work.  I stood behind the register the entire time at work the last two days and my brain can’t quite function at the moment.  Of course I could have written a post a few days ago but I’m a true-born procrastinator and I don’t think that far ahead.  I’ve learned my lesson.

I have been thinking about the theme of my blog though and I’ve decided the theme is me. Most of the blogs I read tend to be about a particular aspect of life, crafts, photography, fashion, nail polish, books, movies but I just don’t think I could focus on one thing only.  While I’ve mostly written about my crafty adventures or the photos I’ve taken while learning how to use my camera I love anything creative.  I love music, movies, books, fashion, all that stuff.  I’m also a big nerd so I might throw in a geek post once in a while (be prepared for some Doctor Who craziness when the show starts up again).  Why whittle myself down to one topic when I like so many things and love talking about so many things?  I think that’s why I don’t write as much as I want to because I’ve always felt that this needed to be more focused but why?  It’s my little space on the crazy information highway and I should make it about me and I know others will come along and enjoy the same things.

Just some thoughts I’ve had lately.  I’m sure it made little sense, told you my brain is not at 100% functionality right now (when someone insists they bought their text-book at your school bookstore even though the invoice says, your brain begins a slow shut down process.).

Wanted to leave you with a gorgeous song that I’ve been listening to a lot lately.  Love singing along with it too.  The Civil Wars are an awesome band, check them out.


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