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First roll of film with DIY TLR camera

I decided to try and take a quick first roll with the Recesky DIY TLR camera that I posted about earlier to see if I did everything right.  Had some interesting problems but they were all down to user error.  I wasn’t sure how far to advance the film at times because I’m still trying to find the right fix for my film advance problem so I did get a lot of top/bottom double exposure issues but honestly, I still like the way they turned out.  I took most of these at my go to quick picture place, the old cemetery in town.  There is a lot of great nature and statues there.

This was a purposeful double exposure

Colorful double exposure, I like the fiery look there.

Small building in the cemetery. Not sure what it is.
The building from afar

Door of the building. Says EST. 18something but no name.
Wacky double exposure. The odd crater in the cemetery and the top of a tomb.
Another inadvertent double exposure but looks interesting.

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