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Wacky/Wonderful Wednesday.

We are week two into book sales and while it’s not nearly as busy as it usually is when text books go on sale for the term it’s still been tiring enough.  I do have that long weekend coming up and I hope to work on some more crafts or start at least one of a few knitting projects I have in mind.  We are also supposed to get a lot of snow tomorrow so that might help because I hate going anywhere when there is snow on the ground.

On to the theme at hand.  I was thinking the other day while smelling some new perfume testers that many people have strong memories based around smells and I couldn’t really think of any for me.  I tend to build memories based around sound.  I have a tendency to listen to the same cd while reading a book or going on a trip and then when ever I think back on those things I instantly hear that music.  In early college, around 2000, I loved the group Savage Garden.

Remember these two?

In fact, this was the album I listened to when I read The Lord of the Rings for the first time and now when I re-read a passage or think on the story I hear Savage Garden songs.  I even listen to the scores for the Rings movies but they don’t make me think of the story the way the album Affirmation does.

I do this a lot with vacations.  When my mom and I took our tour of Ireland I had bought the Amelie soundtrack a few days before when we were in London for a few days.  I had actually seen Amelie while living in London and thought it was perfect to buy the soundtrack at that time.

Great film and music!

I loved the soundtrack so much that it was all I listened to while on the bus traveling around the lovely green hills of Ireland.  When I listen to the soundtrack now (which is till quite often.  It’s one of my top 5 favorite film scores along with Little Women, Shakespeare in Love, The Hours, and The Portrait of a Lady.  A bit of an unusual collection, I know), instead of seeing the streets of Paris, which I have been to, or the lovely Audrey Tautou, I see Ireland.  I picture the day we had a lot of rain but still braved the weather to see the country side.  I see the factory at Waterford.  It’s actually a great thing because I can travel back to that trip simply by opening iTunes and clicking on Amelie.

I think of elementary school and my music classes any time I hear the classical song Danse Macabre. Every Halloween my music teacher used to play this song with the video of the dancing skeletons and it’s all I think of when listening the that song now.  It happens to be in a whiskey commercial now and I don’t remember what happens in the commercial but I can see those dancing skeletons.  Maybe that’s where my true love of Halloween started because I love those skeletons and that music.  It wasn’t scary but beautiful.

This is, I believe, the film strip we used to watch.

It isn’t just music that brings back memories but sounds themselves.  I seem to store sounds in my mind very easily and I can remember my grandpa so easily by thinking of certain sounds he made or the way his voice was.  A wonderful lady I used to work with passed away a week ago and I can still remember her laugh even though I haven’t seen her in years.  It’s so distinct in my mind that it’s as if she was standing next to me.  It makes me glad that I can do this because they stay so very alive to me when I can hear them in my mind.

I truly believe it when they say sounds/music is the soundtrack of our life because I don’t know where I would be without it.  When I want to remember certain times, all I have to do is toss on a cd or turn on my computer and I am there.

What about you?  Do you create memories through sounds, music or something else like smell?


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