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Glass Bottles and DIY Cameras

Phew, week one of book sales done.  It wasn’t as busy as it usually is which is quite weird but I still had some long days.  I do look forward to a four day weekend next weekend though so woo hoo on that!  Enough about the boring stuff, on to the crafts!

I’ve been collecting some glass bottles the past few months with the intention of doing something with them and finally decided to try a few projects.  I have a couple vintage milk bottles and a great lavender medicine bottle so I thought, why not add some blue and green into the mix.  I’ve only gotten as far as two green bottles but they turned out pretty gorgeous if you ask me.

I bought both bottles at Hobby Lobby for about a buck each.  You can find a large selection of really inexpensive glass containers there or you can just use jars from things like spaghetti sauce.  I found a number of tutorials online on how to do this and it’s pretty much just diluted Elmer’s glue (add a bit of water to make it run just a little) and food coloring.  I mixed the concoction in a cup, no measurements just based on the color I liked and how runny the mixture was.  I then poured the mix into the jar and swirled it around until the whole thing was coated.  Then I poured the mix back into the cup to use on the next one.  I turned the jar over on a stack of newspaper to let the excess run out and then turned it right side up to dry.  It took the whole night to dry completely and I did get a bit of a pool at the bottom even though I drained it but it just looks like the glass is thicker at the base.  Pretty easy!  I have a few more jars I want to try and do more of a true blue color but haven’t had time for those yet.

Next project was a box to store all of my perfume oils from Black Phoenix.  I’ve have since discovered that I probably need a bigger box but it works for now and one can never have too many decorative boxes on hand.  I found one of those wooden boxes they sell at craft stores, I believe I got mine at Micheal’s.  I usually paint the boxes before I decorate this one but decided to do a vintage theme and left it clean.

The front
The top

I made a little divider for the inside by cutting two pieces of cardboard and notching each one to slip together.  I wrapped them both with some Washi tape, which is like regular tape but it’s patterned.  I bought mine from Cutetape.  Great customer service!  I received a wrong item in my order and she sent the correct thing right away and let me keep the wrong tape even though I offered to send it back.

The inside

I made the divider because I have some scents that I love, some I like, some that don’t work on me but make great room scents and some that just aren’t right at all and I can swap with.  I’ve only been on the Black Phoenix forum for about a month and I already have a ton of samples.  The ones in the box are only the ones I’ve tried.  I still have a little drawer in my jewelry box full of ones that need to be experienced.  I only have one lone bottle though, my precious Boo.

Love the cat on the lable.

Lastly, I bought one of those DIY TLR cameras.  I bought mine from Amazon and it’s a Recesky brand.  There are number of different types on Amazon and the rest of the internet for different prices so shop around if you want to spend more or less.

Le box.

This is what you get in said box.

All the wonderful and amazing parts!
Directions both Chinese and English

Mine came with a English copy of the directions but if you are like me, then the pictures are the important part.  Even with the English ones I barely read it and just followed the photos.  I also went to this site for their tutorial, Lofico.

It was amazingly easy to put together.  The only snafu I found was when putting the shutter together.  The middle lever is a bit confusing as to how the spring goes in.  It took a while but there is a video in the comments section of the tutorial that makes it perfectly clear and you can be like me and exclaim, of course that’s how you do it!

The front lenses
The side. Those are the film advance knobs.
The top viewfinder.

I put it together last night and just added some film to it today.  I’ve only been able to take a few photos so I’ll have to wait a little bit to find out if I know what I’m doing.  I hope to get the roll finished this week and get them developed over the weekend.  It does take some getting used to with the viewfinder being inverted.  You move to the right, the image moves to the left.  I also made a ribbon strap for it because it makes it easier to compose photos when it’s hanging from your neck.

I will update you all with the photos when I get them.  Cross your fingers that I get some good shots!


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