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Wacky/Wonderful Wednesday

Here we are, time for another Wednesday post.  This time it lands in more of the wacky theme. The theme this week is… old grave markers, especially angels.  As I’ve mentioned before I love history and have a degree in it as well.  The Victorian period is one of my favorite periods and they were big on using large statues as gravestones.  You can learn a lot about the past in cemeteries.  What type of markers did they use, what sayings are on the stones and how did they mark their lives.  We actually say a lot in our death.  I also, oddly enough, find them peaceful.  There is an old cemetery where I live in Michigan and it’s beautiful.  It’s on top of a hill overlooking a lake with a lot of large shady trees.  There’s hardly anyone that visits this cemetery so it’s really lovely on a nice warm day.  There’s such a great quiet and calm atmosphere to a place like that and I love just wandering through the markers, reading them and trying to decipher the ones that time has tried to fade away.  I know it seems dreary and dark but it truly isn’t, it’s as if the world has stopped for a moment.  I really love the ornate statues and have taken a few photos of them during my visits.

This is in fact a gravestone made to look like a tree.
I thought this was a beautiful saying.

You can click on the jump if you would like to see more.

Family grave

I thought this one was interesting because it’s for a family.  The little stones that look like they have sunk into the ground are the individual plots with initials carved into them.  The larger on in the back has the family name, each individual name and dates carved onto it.  It took a bit of time to figure this one out.

Statue of a young woman

This is another family plot.  They were a wealthy family and it’s the most ornate grave in the cemetery.  Here’s a close up of the statue.

Another statue. Very common image.

I also really love angel statues and of course our cemetery doesn’t have a single one.  I do have a small collection of images that I have found online from cemeteries around the world.  Of course being the good Doctor Who fan that I am I look out for those crying angels, we know what they can do.

Victorian cemetery in Nottingham

I love that photo.  It’s as if the angels are taking over.  So beautiful.

The details in these statues is amazing.  That looks like real fabric draped over their faces.

From a grave in Warsaw

I just love the fullness in the wings on this one.

The next two are favorites because they have such a solitary feel to them.  The lone angel waiting for something to happen.

Just really amazing imagery.  The Victorians especially loved their angel statues and idea of someone watching over their graves and their souls.  I know I’m not the only one who loves walking through old cemeteries and I hope some of you might be inspired to give it a try.


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