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Post Christmas Mishmash

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday.  Our Christmas was really nice.  Of course it was busy, busy, busy so I neglected my blog here but I have a few things to chat about today.  I made a number of my presents this year and of course only took a few pictures.  It was so hectic and last-minute that I didn’t even think of photos.  I did make these lovely velvet bookmarks for my boss.  She a big reader and I thought it would be nice to have some pretty bookmarks.

The one in the middle is a real locket and the one on the end has her initials.  Really easy to make and I bought everything except for the ribbon clamps at Hobby Lobby.  They have some great charms and jewelry stuff.

I made my work wife (one of my best friends and co workers) a knitting bag.  I saw this online somewhere and stenciled one myself.  The photo is really yellow because it was the only way I could get the purple lettering to come out color correct.  My camera does not like purple.

I made my other boss some personalized notepads.  I did some letterhead with his name and what we call him (the bookstore ninja) in old-fashioned fonts.  I didn’t take pictures because, well, I forgot.  They turned out pretty good if I do say so myself and without photographic evidence no one will know any different.

The big hit was my present for my niece.  I made her a hat like my Hermione hat but in grey because that was what color Hermione’s was.  I also made her a wand like Hermione’s out of clay.  I was actually finishing knitting the hat as they were here for our family Christmas dinner and wrapped the gift literally two minutes before we opened presents so I didn’t get pictures of any of it but the wrapping was done to look like it came from the owl post and I even put a little white feather in the twine closure.  She was really happy with it and it made the fact that I was knitting almost non stop for two days completely worth it.

Here's my version of the hat if you forgot what it looked like.

Overall, everyone was really happy and I got some awesome stuff too!  Lot’s of new polishes and knitting books and some green chucks.  Fun all around.

Lastly, the snow decided to be late this year and it’s been snowing all day today instead of on Christmas.  Ventured outside to snap a few photos.

I hope you all had a great weekend and time with family and friends.  Here’s to an amazing new year as well.


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