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Crafting but can’t show any of it.

Just a quick little post to let you all know that I am making stuff but it’s all for my co-workers and I can’t give them their gifts until Thursday and I don’t know who read this blogs so therefore I can’t post any pictures.  You’ll just have to wait until the weekend.  The suspense! They all have turned out really well if I do say so myself.  I sort of decided on the homemade route a week or two ago and have surprised myself as to how fast they have come together.  I know what you are thinking, Thursday is two days away, it’s not that fast but I am Super Procrastinator and this is speedy for me.

I did get some of my new samples from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and they are fabulous!  My favorite so far came in this bunch and it’s called Boo and it’s from their Halloween collection.  It’s all sugary and cottony and warm.  Love it and it works well on me.  Really liked Autumn Cider too but I think I might use that in candles or bath things.  I already ordered a few more samples and full bottle of Boo.

One exciting thing for me is that I got a rolling bag that is usually for scrapbooking but I’m using it for knitting stuff and it was only 20 dollars.  Michael’s is having their daily sales and this was one of the two big things on sale today.  When I got to the store there was only one left.  Go me!  It fits all of my yarn, needles, and books.  I don’t have a huge amount of stuff but it’s so nice to have it all in one spot.  I did take a couple shots with my camera on my phone.

The inside with my yarn

Of course I have to leave you with, Nails!

Must edit to add:  Hobbit Trailer!  So excited for this movie.  I’m a huge Lord of the Rings fan.  One year till we can see this.


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