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Wacky/Wonderful Wednesday (on a Thursday)

I’m a bit late with this post because honestly, I forgot what day it was.  This week has been off for me and I didn’t think about it until late last night while watching American Horror Story.  Sorry about that.

Anyway, today’s theme is a company called Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab.  They are a perfume oil company who specializes in blends based around Gothic, Victorian, Mythology, and fantasy elements.  I had originally heard about the company when Neil Gaiman joined them to make perfumes based around some of his stories.  He is my favorite author and generally like what he does in terms of themes so I looked into them.  This was a few years ago and I didn’t really have the money to buy anything and then sort of forgot about them.

A few weeks ago I was reading a post on the blog Scrangie and she had mentioned buying some Halloween scents from them.  Remembering who the company was I decided to check it out again and discovered that not only can you purchase samples, or imps as they are called, directly from the lab but they have a forum for all the fans of the smellies and a section for swaps and sales.  The prices are very reasonable.  Samples from the lab itself are $4.00 or 6 for $22.00.  These are perfume oils and not regular perfume sprays so they last a very long time.  You only use a tiny dab to perfume your skin.  Since they are oils you can also incorporate them into other things such as candles, oil burners, linen sprays or bath products.  If the scent doesn’t work with your body chemistry but you like the smell all the same you can use it in one of those other ways.

I haven’t purchased anything from the lab yet but I have purchased some samples from sellers on the forum.

Those little bottles didn’t want to stay put no matter how I was displaying them.  The one with the picture is called Lamia and it’s from one of the Neil Gaiman collections, the one without a hang tag that is turned around is Embalming Fluid (not actual embalming fluid, that’s just the name).

Most of these work really well on my skin and a few I like the smell but they don’t work on me so I’ll use them another way.  It’s great that I can try out these fragrances before I buy a large bottle but it’s also great that if I do buy something and don’t like it, I can sell or swap on the forum.  There are huge fans of these fragrances and many people collect them.  I can already see why.  The smells are so unique and remind you of so many things.  The one called London reminds me of Victorian ladies at tea.  Even though I wasn’t alive at that time, it’s what I envision the time to smell like, very rosy but soft, older roses (and I normally hate the smell of roses. I’m more of a sweet, citrus person.).  The one called The Unsavory Gravediggers has a spicy/boozy smell that’s sweet and strong.  It dries down really nicely.  I used to work in a fragrance department and I can say I like these so much more than regular perfumes.

Black Phoenix does a lot of limited editions and themes for holidays and such.  They just did a Halloween group and I’ve ordered a sample off the forum of one called Autumn Cider and one called Boo.  I also ordered a sample of one of their current and popular Yule perfumes called Snow White.  You can’t order samples of the limiteds from the lab but you can often find them on the forum.  Some people even do decant groups where they purchase the limited editions and then sell the decants for a smaller price.  I think it’s a great way to let people try a product before buying because fragrance is such a personal thing and what works on one person, won’t on another.

So far I’ve been going through the website and reading the descriptions and making a list of ones I want to try.  There are lot of smells but so many sound lovely.  I can’t wait to get my new samples and I will let you all know how they smell.  If I like them, I can see myself purchasing some full size bottles.  The Yule’s are available until February so I have a bit of time to decide if I like Snow White.


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