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A bit of a hodge podge

This post is a bit of a potpourri.  I have a number of little things to show you and talk about.

First, Christmas decorations.  I love decorations this time of year because I love the Christmas lights.  It’s like having glitter everywhere and they seem to make everything warm and welcoming.

These were sort of off the cuff photos.  I was playing around taking pictures of the tree and the cat.




I have some new craft supplies.  New yarn to try and make a cute light weight cardigan with.

It’s a little more purple then the picture shows but the color wasn’t cooperating with my camera.  Speaking of cameras, I decided that my Holga was a bit boring in it’s basic black outer wear.  I started out just adding some Washi tape to it but it still wasn’t working for me and I’ve since decided to paint it. These are the colors I picked out but I won’t have a chance to paint it until I finish Christmas presents.





Also, check out my desk.  I think I have a few projects waiting to be started.

Continued my addiction and tried a few new things with my nails.  First we have some fun crackle action and then I got inspired by a band-aid I had on and did a little Hello Kitty face on one nail.





Lastly, I was working on some Christmas gifts and made a velvet ribbon bookmark for myself.  It’s pirate themed because I love pirates and I couldn’t pass up this sparkly skull and crossbones.I shall now leave you with my soul sucking cat.  I was taking some extreme close ups of him and took a picture just as he decided to sniff the lens.  He looks like he’s going to come for my first born.




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