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Wacky/Wonderful Wednesday

Here we are again for our next installment of Wacky/Wonderful Wednesday.  I realize I haven’t written anything since the last one but I’m in a play at our community theater and I haven’t been home too much.  It ends this Saturday and I will be able to get back to crafty goodness.

Anyhoo, today’s theme is Nail Polish!  I know, 2 beauty themes in a row but I really am addicted to nail polish now, ain’t no lie.

How true is that?  They have perfect nails.

I am in love with all that colorful, creamy, sparkly, crackly, matte-y, loveliness that is that thing called nail polish, lacquer, varnish, what have you.  I’ve always been a polish girl, I mean I love colors and girly things and it generally has glitter which the magpie DNA in me thinks is a perfect quality but it’s never been an addiction to this extent. I used to be a slap a couple of coats of color on and leave it on until it’s a few chips of paint on my nails because my main bad habit is biting my cuticle and they never look good anyway.  I never really bothered with more than that.  I also keep my nails short and always thought you need long nails to have cool designs.  Wrong!

I, like many of you, discovered Pinterest not too long ago and that’s when it began.  For those of you not in the know, Pinterest is like a vortex of images.  People “pin” images that they like which often times link to tutorials, blogs, recipes, etc.  It’s basically a virtual peg board.  Those of you who are in the know have spent many days losing hours on the site.  I swear the days are 24 hours long, I listened in school, but I think when I’m on Pinterest, I only have 3 hour days.  Where does the time go?  One of the things you can find on there in abundance is nails.  What I mean is nail polish designs, colors, art, all sorts of things and they are beautiful.  I started looking at all these nail polish blogs and discovering colors I never knew existed and designs that looked like I could actually do them.  So of course I had to run out and buy 5 new polishes.  In about a month I have bought 16 new polishes.  You heard that right, 16.  Some are crackles, others are glitter, I just ordered a holographic one because I want to be tempted to stare at my nails all day instead of actually doing anything.

I’ve even attempted some designs.

Paint Spatter

This was the first one.  It’s sort of a paint spatter look.  Please forgive my horrid cuticles in these photos, remember bad habit.


Then I went sophisticated and did matte navy nails with glitter half moons.  That’s regular glitter too, not glitter nail polish.

Spatter again

Then I did colorful spatter with a technique I learned here.

Of course I had to do black with holo glitter and silver crackle.  It looks like a mini galaxy.

I recently did a manicure in honor of one of my obsessions, Doctor Who.

Ooooo Weeeee Oooooo

Yes, I found a Tardis blue nail polish.  Love it!  I later added some holographic flaky polish but didn’t get a photo.  I also recently bought a nail art stamping kit too but haven’t had a chance to play with it since I’ve been at the theater all week.

As you can see I wasn’t lying when I said I had an addiction.  It’s a lot better then some addictions and it doesn’t hurt anyone.  It’s a great way to express yourself without going too crazy, I’ll never have super long nails or acrylics or charms hanging from them.  Are any of you in love with polish or like to do fun nail art with your nails?  Let me leave you with a picture I found of a supposed new nail trend.  They are completely gel tips.  I hope this doesn’t catch on.  I don’t know how you can accomplish anything.

They have to be heavy



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