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Wonderful/Wacky Wednesday

I realize it’s Wednesday evening so I’m a bit late in starting my new theme.  I decided that one fun thing to do would be to start a weekly idea, something I can play with once a week.  I came up with Wonderful/Wacky Wednesday.  Most people have some variation of Fabulous Friday or Special Sunday so I went out side of the box and picked Wednesday.  I know, I’m crazy!  Basically it’s a way for me to talk about something I’m really into at the moment or that I’ve always loved and just can’t find a way to fit it in.

This weeks theme is Dip Dyed Hair.

You may have heard of dip dyed hair if you look at beauty blogs or fashion magazines.  Here are a few examples of the look:

I first discovered it on Lauren Conrad’s site The Beauty Department.  She has a whole tutorial on how to do this look.  I love color, anyone who knows me knows how true this is.  I have always wanted hair that was a crazy color like pink or purple.  I even remember when I was a little girl and I wanted hair like the girl with the blue stripe in the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun video (anyone else remember that?).  I figured this would be a great way to do color but not be too locked into it.  When I get sick of it, I cut it off and it’s not too crazy for work.

Here’s my journey into colorful hair.

Bright beautiful colors

I read a bit about dyes and most people seem to prefer the Special Effects brand but they didn’t sell it at any stores around me and I didn’t want to wait for it to be shipped to me.  I hit our local Sally’s beauty supply store and bought some Beyond The Zone-Color Jamz hair color.  The colors I bought are: Huckleberry Blue, Tripped Up Turquoise, Candy Apple Red, and Party Time Pink. I also bought the Manic Panic bleaching kit because I have auburn hair and the colors need light hair to show up.

They did all the ends of Lauren Conrad’s hair but I have a lot of hair and only wanted to do some of it.  I started by pulling random pieces from my hair all over my head and put the rest of my hair in a pony tail so it would be out of the way.  I then mixed the bleach and spread it on the ends of the pieces.  I used foil to wrap the hair in and left the bleach in until the hair was practically white.  Rinse the bleach and dry.  Some people condition the ends after bleaching and wait to color the next day but I’m an impatient person and didn’t do that.  I should have as I can see some breakage but as I said earlier, I can cut it off.

I then did as the tutorial said and put a bit of each color on a plastic dish.  Got my hair dye brush, some foil strips, a cup with water and some paper towels.  I was ready to dye.  I did all the pinks first and then did all the blues.  I spread the lighter shade on the top half of my bleached hair and then used the darker color on the ends.  I then rinsed the brush and began again on the next tip.  Wrap the foils as you go.

Dying supplies ready to goExample of how I put the color on
All the foils on my head simmering.

There is a time frame printed on the dye bottles but I followed what many people have said on the internet and left it on my hair for a few hours.  It’s not going to over dye and I’d rather have it on too long then not long enough.  After that I rinsed the pieces one by one in the sink and let air dry.  The colors are really vivid and exactly the way I wanted.

Sorry it's blurry. Finished color
Peek a boo!

These colors do fade fast if you don’t take care of it and I have had to recolor a few times since the first but it’s so easy I don’t mind.  The bottles of color are so big that I’ve used maybe half of the color.  I already only wash my hair about once a week and with this I use a sulfate free shampoo and cool water to wash my hair.  This will help the color to stay longer. It still looks pretty when it’s fading.

Less vibrant.

I know the photos aren’t perfect but they were mainly taken with my camera on my phone because I did it as I colored.  I’ll try to get some better ones of the freshly dyed hair soon.

I’ve had the colored ends for a few months now and I’m still loving it.  It’s fun and bright without being to wild.  Would any of you do this or have you done crazy colors before?  Let me know!


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