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Been Gone

I’m sure you’ve noticed, or at least I hope you’ve noticed, that I haven’t posted anything in a while.  Well between coming down with a head cold and being crazy busy at work, I just haven’t felt like doing much else.  Who knew that typing could exert so much energy. 😉

I work at a college bookstore and fall term has started so the store is crazy.  Not my favorite time of year.  People need to teach their children some self sufficiency.  I can’t hold your hand through everything and finding the books is not hard.  Our store is quite small, we are a community college and like in any other retail environment, you simply read the tags and signs around you.  You have to read things in order to find that dvd or video game you want, it’s the same way for finding your text books.  Also, unlike most stores, we don’t have to sell you anything.  If you can’t follow our policies or want to argue with me about them, I can take your books and put them back on the shelf.  I don’t work on commission, I don’t care if you buy anything or not.

This little tidbit works in any clothing stores, please stop making the clothing displays into big balls of fabric.  They are organized into sizes.  You don’t need to pick up every single item on that table to see if it it’s your size.  They all look the same on the table and will look the same when you hold them up to you.  If you do pick something up to look at it please either attempt at folding it and put it back where you picked it up from or give it to one of us to put away.  It’s simple and easy.  I will follow somewhat behind you and fold everything you unfold while you are standing there or I will stare right at you while you do it.  It may not stop it from happening but I know it makes you feel uncomfortable and that’s enough for me.

I really feel like people have lost all sense of manners in recent times.  It’s easy to say hello back when someone says it to you, it’s easy to hand someone money instead of throwing it on the counter, it’s easy to put something back in the same place you found it and it’s easy to simply be friendly.  I’m not a little miss sunshine kind of person naturally but if someone looks at me I give them a smile because it’s not hard and it takes no time out of my day.  Manners and a bit of friendliness go a long way and we really should remember that.

Well, the insanity should end soon at work and I will be back to crafting and all that wonderful fun stuff that doesn’t make me want to punch a window at the end of the day.  I have been knitting bit by bit and I hope to show that off soon too.


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