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Challenge Day 14 and Things I Want To Make

Sometimes the word conspires to make things happen without having to work very hard for them. Day 14’s theme is Eyes and I was playing around the with the Hipstamatic app on my iPod Touch (yes I’m late to the game on that app but I had Instagram first and liked it well enough) and hit the shutter button without meaning too. Well sweet happenstance I had my theme photo.

One of the things I like doing while on the internet is finding things that I could buy but would rather try and make myself. These are a few of those items. Of course I need to purchase some materials first but the thoughts and passions are there either way.

Anthropologie Hoodie

Anthropolgie Dress

Ballet-like Dress

Twisty Metal Ring

Bright Bookshelf

Blouse/Dress (I would make this in big people size)

Ombre Tights


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