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Playing Catch Up and Chalkboard fun

As some of you may have noticed, I am quite behind on the photo challenge.  I haven’t been feeling too great this past weekend and therefore haven’t been doing much on the photography front.  I did figure out a way to combine the last few days themes into one photo though.  I’m that awesome (not really, more like that lazy).

Day 10 was a childhood memory which is the Teddy Bear.  I have had that bear since I was a baby and as you can see he lost his nose in a terrible baby attack, we don’t like to speak about it.

Day 11 was something blue and Day 12 was something knit so I combined it with the blue hat that I knitted.  So he’s a hipster/skater bear now.

Day 13 is a photo with a long exposure.  I’m still learning those things so I’m not sure how I did on this one.

Yup, just my ceiling fan spinning around.  I took this one outside earlier too.

Fun Colors

Lastly, I stopped at my crack den on Thursday, otherwise known as Michael’s and they were setting up the new Martha Stewart paint display.  I don’t read her books or watch her show but there is something about her craft supplies that I can’t stay away from.  I ended up buying some chalkboard paint and a few of the acrylics and had some fun playing.

Here be the paints!

I had also recently bought some of the cute half pint Mason jars.

Tiny jars, mega cute.

So I made scrapbook supply containers.  I decided to use them to hold things like metal fasteners and ribbons and bits like that.

What's in the jar!

I also used that great paint and a canvas I already had and made a chalkboard to hang up somewhere.  Haven’t made that decision yet.

The paints are supposedly made for any surface and after 21 days should cure enough on the glass that they can be washed in the dishwasher.  I figure I won’t need to do that but it’s good to know either way.  I painted the outside of the jars and I did use about 5 or 6 coats to get the opaque color that I wanted but the sheer color that the first coat created was really pretty too.


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