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Challenge Day 8 and Odds & Ends

Here it is, 9 minutes until Tuesday and I’m getting my Day 8 Photo Challenge theme posted.  Perhaps I shouldn’t have started a challenge when life was going to be so busy.  Oh well, such is life, right?

Can you guess what the theme is?  I won’t leave you in suspense, it’s Bad Habits.  I bite my cuticles.  Horrible habit but I can’t seem to quit.  That great silver polish is going to be all chipped in a day or so because I bite when I’m stressed or bored.  Does anyone have any good hand lotion recommendations because that’s half of my problem.  My hands are always so dry and then I have to pick at the cuticles and then I bite them.  Horrible!

On a less disgusting subject, I made a melted crayon picture like those found here.

It was really quite easy and I already have an idea for a different design to try.

I'm Melting!

I also took that picture using my new, I made it in 5 minutes, light scoop.  I found a how to at this lovely site.

Mine is not that professional looking.

I simply grabbed some black scrapbook paper I had and cut a hole out of the bottom center and then taped the sides and slid it on my flash.  The silver part is an extra bit of foam board with silver duck tape I had from another project.  I think I need to make a little lip that will catch on the bottom of the flash so it stays without having to use a little piece of tape.  Here’s a shot of the scoop.

This is a picture with the flash,

Ah bright!

And with the scoop again,

Just a little warmer and not so white.  It’s nice for those indoor shots.


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