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Photo Challenge Day 4

Here we are at Day 4.  I know you can’t wait to find out the theme.  It was something that made me happy because it’s my favorite color, Green!  I love green and gravitate towards things that are green without even thinking about it.  Something I have a lot of that are green are accessories.

Scarves, hats, necklaces, I have em all!  I do tend to gravitate toward Kelly, Hunter and Irish green, greens that have a blueish tone to them and are a bit brighter.

Speaking of green accessories I also took a pictures or one of my prized items.  It is a Claddagh ring that my mom gave me years ago.  This particular one is actually the third one because I lost two others and my mom bought it over again.  She’s the super awesomest best!  I love it because she gave it to me and because it’s very medievalish looking and strong looking.  Loves it!

Oh and in case you can’t see it, the stones at the sides of the hand are green.

Lastly, another picture of my cat.  I promise this won’t turn into a cat lady blog (although I am totally a cat lady) but he is such a good model and looked like he had such a stressful day.



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