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Photo Challenge Day 1 and Theme Day

As I was working on my blog, switching everything over from Typepad, I realized that I need something to inspire me lately.  Actually I needed something simple to inspire me.  I have tons of inspiration but little money and very little time lately.  So I found a photo challenge that went on in May but thought I could follow it on my own and post on here.  So Day 1 is a Self Portrait.

It is a bit of an odd self-portrait , yes but I like it.  I was actually taking a picture to show someone how dirty my mirror is and ended up liking the array of necklaces framing my face.  Of course now I look like I don’t clean but the truth is, I don’t use that mirror other than as a jewelry and scarf hanger.  I either use the mirror in the bathroom or a hand mirror when doing makeup and hair.  It does give it an older, aged look though.

Speaking of hair and images I decided to theme days once in a while, maybe once a week and this weeks theme is hair styles.  I have long hair and I love playing with it but always feel like I don’t have time.  So I have found some lovely and simple things to do with hair. (Click on the photos to take to you the instructions).

A Beautiful Side Chignon from Hair Romance

I seriously can’t wait for my bangs to get a bit longer so I can try this out.  Of course I might need to be going someplace fancy to wear it.

A Side French Braid from Love Maegan

I haven’t tried this one but it looks super pretty and super easy.

A Braided Up Do by Raising 4 Princesses

This one looks perfect for a day out or just when you want something fun and cute for your hair.

Curled and Lacey by Skunkboy Creatures

Now this one I have tried and while it was easy, I think my hair is too long and thick.  I included it here because it’s still really cute and I was able to create something else out of it when I did it myself.


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