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DIY and Picture Fun

I've been a bit busy lately and therefore haven't had time to make much but I wanted to post a few things.  A few DIY projects and some photos I took while bored and playing with my camera.

First I made some feather earrings a few days ago.  Pretty quick and easy really.  The feathers were found at Hobby Lobby in the childrens section. (Click the photos to make them bigger)


Sorry for the poor quality photo but I didn't have anyone to take the picture for me.

Secondly I made a knitting needle roll from this wonderful tutorial.

Knitting needle roll

It was very easy even though it looks complicated and I'm really happy with the way it turned out.  Now I just have to get learning more patterns so I can actually make some stuff.

All rolled up.

The inside.  Lots of pockets!


I thought I would leave you with some photos of the lovely flowers in our yard and my favorite subject, my cat.

This is the cute little bench that my mom has set up in our back yard.

The lovely lillys.

What, doesn't everyone sleep like this?

Posing for the camera.

I also got a shaky photo of the moon the other night.  Still looks pretty cool. 


Not a very exciting post but I hope to get creating again soon.  I will be quite busy for the next few weeks but after that I have a few projects already in mind.



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