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What I call my crack den is just your craft store

I had some time to spare after work yesterday so I decided to stop at a few stores to browse.  One of those stores was the wonderful Michael's Craft Store.  I really should know better.  It's bad enough when I have something in mind to make but when the whole store is my playland it borders on rediculous.  Did I mention I bought a few things? 

Had to get this fun Martha Stewart card kit.  If you know me you know that I'm part Magpie.  If it sparkles, I want it.  Of course there is a ton of glitter in the kit so before long everything I own is going to be covered in glitter.  Lovely, sparkly glitter. 🙂

Oh, I took pictures:



I also bought some new cupcake cups for my baking adventure today that I will discuss at a later date.  Did not go as planned and I am exhausted.


Lastly I bought some materials to make a new necklace and ended up making it last night because the internet was out and there was nothing on tv.  I think it turned out pretty fantabulous if I do say so myself.


The pictures don't do it justice.  Here is a close up of medallion.  I liked it because it was a masculine medal but it has a lady on it.  Also the jewels are a copper and gold color.



Thus ends the tale of my crafty adventures.  The lesson to learn is that you should never go into a crack den if you are addicted to crack or you know, a craft store if you are addicted to craftiness.




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